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Jerry Greene: NFL also is a winner in Deflategate drama

cheap jerseys you think the NFL took a major hit Thursday in a New York court of law.

You’re wrong.

What actually happened is the Cheap NFL Jerseys absolutely stole Thursday from the NCAA, which probably expected to have the top sports headlines and be the lead topic in sports TV and radio. After all, it was opening day of the collegiate season. Guess again, NCAA. The NFL was the top story inside and outside the world of sports — and it’s season had not started yet.

Wholesale Jerseys All summer, Deflategate has actually been Inflategate — because the NFL just keeps blowing up. And we love the boom.

Oh, also explain to me how it actually hurt the Wholesale NFL Jerseys to have New England quarterback Tom “Teflon” Brady back for this coming Thursday’s season opener. Everyone will be watching on TV including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

lRelated Listen to fantasy football coach Jerry Greene: Here’s who to draft
Listen to fantasy football coach Jerry Greene: Here’s who to draft

“Goodell!” you exclaim. “He’ll pay now!”

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Are you sure? Far as I know, his contract that pays him $44 million per year still has three seasons on it after this one. If the NFL owners fired him today, he could probably make do with the buyout. And have you noticed the billions in revenue under his watch?

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Besides, they won’t fire him as he is the ultimate scapegoat. If we have a criticism about the league, we throw verbal stones at him. (If he was foolish enough to go to Thursday’s opener, the stones might not be just verbal.)

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The main point is that the NFL continues to rule. Don’t believe me? Hey, how are those baseball races going? Or golf’s playoffs? Or NASCAR? Or, at least on last and next Thursday, college football?

Wacky Washington

Got something to say? Start the conversation and be the first to comment.

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Another NFL benefit from Deflategate is that it has distracted our attention away from what’s going on in Washington (and we don’t mean Congress). Here’s a tip: If you want to find an update on the Redskins’ preseason, Google “dumpster fire.” Seriously, the ‘Skins are the second news item listed there behind only a New York restaurant fire. On the field, the team has benched star QB Robert Griffin III, turning his jerseys into potential collector items (along with the jerseys of all the other former ‘Skins quarterbacks). Instead, they are going with Kirk Cousins, who actually has written a book entitled “Game Changer.” Uh huh.

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Meanwhile, off the field, WR DeSean Jackson posted this inspirational Instagram message: “The woman who knows her place holds her position.” And as if in some strange kind of connection, the wife of GM Scot McCloughan sent out a tweet accusing a female reporter of sleeping with her husband. The team denied she sent it, then her husband admitted she sent it and the team apologized.

And you’ve missed all this because of Deflategate.

Pigskin pick of the week

Pittsburgh at New England (Patriots favored by 7).

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That TD edge may be higher when you read this as it’s hard to not pick the Patsies (actually an appropriate nickname right now if you believe they’ve been persecuted). However, my first pick of the NFL season is not based on the return of Brady. New England still is not a great team as the offensive line has been shoddy and their defense is hardly spectacular.

No, the key is what’s happened this summer to Pittsburgh. (1) The Steelers lost All-Pro center Maurkice Pouncey due to a broken leg. Star RB Le’Veon Bell and No. 2 WR Martavis Bryant are suspended and their once-proud defense is a mess. Friday morning on The Beat of Sports, I picked New England by a modest 10. Since then, I checked on the last time the Steelers went to New England. It was 2013 — and Brady threw for 432 yards and four TDs.

Final score then: New England 55, Pittsburgh 31.

So, upon further review: Jerry likes: Patriots by 24.

These are the notes, folks

•Never a good sign at the end of your first collegiate football game of the season when the opposing coach gets doused in Gatorade at the end.

•How little I know about the rest of the world: I was not surprised to learn that Orlando International Airport handled 62 million passengers last year. We’re popular. But then I find out that Dubai International Airport expects to handle 82 million this year. How many amusement parks do they have?

•After a slow start, “Hard Knocks” had a good camp with Houston. A likable team with a potentially great defense — and no quarterback.

•An ad in this newspaper for the movie “No Escape” included the blurb “pulse pounding” from a review in The Wall Street Journal. Here’s the phrase that critic actually wrote: “[the movie] loses track of most everything except brain-numbing, if not pulse-pounding, action sequences.”

•Bad news Orlando football fans: NBC has canceled the revival of “Coach” before an episode aired. (And you thought the bad news is that UCF has to play at Stanford next.)

•Question: Will Madame Tussaud’s on I-Drive have to break apart the One Direction wax band members?

•Speaking of life on I-Drive, if you are looking for one last summer attraction, Ripley’s has a nice display of fertility statues.

•This demand received from reader Chris D. of Orlando: “Acknowledge Patriot greatness!” … Sure, why not?

•Living most of my life in Florida, I don’t blink when alligators are in the local news. But cobras?

•Finally, I know nothing about owning a cobra, but how do you lose one? Car keys? It happens. Cell phones? Sure. But cobras?

Jerry did have a baby alligator as a pet when he was a kid, but Albert kept getting bigger and bigger. Gators, cobras and sports are all fair game when Jerry frequently visits The Beat of Sports, hosted by Marc Daniels weekdays from 9 a.m. ’til noon on 740theGame. Listen for Jerry’s fantasy tips on Thursdays and selected NFL game picks on Fridays. All topics open at osogreene@aol.com. Happy Labor Day, Wholesale NBA jerseys and don’t work too hard.

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